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postheadericon How to win at Blackjack

BlackjackMore and more people struggle to become successful by going to the casino, hoping to win as much as possible. But the hard truth is that not many gamblers actually succeed in multiplying their assets. Do you want to be one of those few people that know how to win at Blackjack? Then there are some tips that no casino wants you to know in order to win at Blackjack, one of the most popular card game in the world.

To begin with, here are some basic things you should and shouldn’t do. You should never surrender, unless you have a 15 against a 10 or a 16 against a 9,10 or an ace. As obvious as it seems, don’t bet when you’re losing. Also, don’t lose your temper if the dealer or the other players mock you. The first step to win a Blackjack hand is to be calm, so you can take the right decisions.

The decisions you have to make when you get a hard hand are obviously riskier than when you have a soft hand. You should always hit your hand when your total is between 5 and 8, regardless the cards the dealer has. When your hand totals between 17 and 21, you should stand. However, when you have a soft hand, there are more options you could think about. If your hand equals from 13 to 15, always hit since your ace can value 11 or 1. For 16, 17 and 18, you should double against the dealer’s 2 to 6, hit against a 9,10 or an ace and stand against a 7 or 8. From 19 to 21, always stand.

Lastly, you should remember that Blackjack is a great game and I personally consider it a relaxing way to make lots of money. By raising your bets just a little when you’re winning, you ensure your profit. Another thing you should keep track of is how much time you spend playing. I can talk from personal experience that playing more than 2 hours will ruin your gain, so make sure you have complete control over yourself.

To sum up, there are basic tips you should follow to win at Blackjack, which include self-control, knowledge of the rules, and focus on the specific moves that are safe. All the casinos say that if you don’t risk, you don’t win. But you don’t have to risk to win. Anyone can learn how to win at Blackjack, so make sure you’re the first!

postheadericon Microgaming casino games

Microgaming casino gamesMobile gaming is a rapidly growing method of online gaming, and Microgaming leads the way. What could be better than playing your favorite online games on your mobile device whenever you want? Now players have a huge selection of games to choose from. From multi-player poker rooms to exotic-themed slot machines, Microgaming has something to hold the interest of even the most discerning gamers out there.

It all began in 1994. Microgaming pushed its way onto the mobile gaming scene and rapidly took control. The online casino world immediately took notice, and the mobile online gaming industry took off. If you’re playing mobile online casino games on your smartphone or your tablet, you’re probably using software developed by Microgaming. It quickly became the leader in online casino games and keeps its number one spot by constantly updating its software. Its innovations set the standard in the online gaming world.

Are progressive jackpots your favorite? Microgaming offers a wider selection of progressive jackpots than any other online gaming provider. Their never-ending stream of online slots give you dazzling graphics and some of the most updated, innovative features you’ll find in any online casino. If bonuses are what bring you to the gaming table, Microgaming offers the greatest selection of online casino bonuses out there. And you don’t have to worry about safety and security with Microgaming. All play is audited by third party auditors, both players and operators. So you can rest assured that your gaming experience is fair and above-board, and your personal information is secure.

Microgaming casino games can be found in online casinos all over the online world. Their flash software with the no-download feature is nothing short of spectacular. Need a specific language platform? Microgaming casino games are available in 24 languages. It is the premier source for global casino games and software. Safe, secure, and fun. What more could you ask for?

postheadericon Online Slots for Real Money

Online Slots for Real MoneyHaving fun and earning easy cash is a rare comfort, unless you play online slots for real money. Yes, those virtual gaming machines can provide steady income, or make you rich in a blink of an eye. All you have to do is play the right game at the right place. First, you need to choose a regulated online casino that offers the complete online slots package. This means sing up bonuses, continuous promotions, progressive jackpots and the play money mode.

Here’s where online casino reviews come to your help. A simple Goggle search will bring tons of information. Once you’ve registered with an online casino, head straight to the slots section. The sheer amount of games can be overwhelming at first. Take your time and pick the online slots site that resonate with you the most.

All slot games have a simple goal. Hit a winning combination of symbols and you’re in the money. They all boast slick graphics, smooth gameplay and alluring promises, but which ones are the most profitable? The first thing to have in mind is the maximum possible Return-to-Player (RTP) rate, which makes a huge difference to your winnings in the long run. In general, the rates range between 93.71% and 97.57% with average return of 95.71%. Always stay within these figures if you want to make a profit. New games usually have the highest RTP due to the fierce completion between the online casino providers.

Another trick to boost your income is to check for games with scatter symbols and bonus rounds. Three or more scatter symbols trigger a bonus round which guarantees a better payout.

Last but certainly not least are the progressive jackpot slots. These life changers are the most popular among gamers, and it’s easy to guess why. Connected to a network of online casinos, progressive jackpots offer mouthwatering prizes. People have won more than 15 million Euros at River Belle Casino Canada with just one spin of the reels. Next time, it could be you taking the big prize home.

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