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Best online blackjack games

Blackjacks are usually played between several players against the house dealer. Winning blackjack games can be either difficult or easy depending on the skills of every player. Most of the time all you need is to know the house rules and have a good strategy to win against them. Although the standard rule in most of these games is that once you place your bet, you get a couple of cards and depending on whether you want to improve your chances, you can draw another one, new versions of this game have come up with different set of rules.


Like other progressive games, this one keeps adding a certain amount of money to the initial jackpot prize as the game goes on. You can place multiple bets and have a real chance of getting that huge jackpot.

Free bet

In most blackjack games, you are always at risk of losing everything you bet. In this game however, the money you bet while splitting or doubling isn’t at risk and are considered free bets. Even so, if the dealer gets 22, all your bets will be against non-busted hands. In this case, also, all natural blackjacks will get even payment.

Live casino blackjack

This game offers the real casino experience without having to go to a real casino. Once you log on, you get to see a real dealer operating virtually unlike in other games where a computer application does the dealing. It allows room for seven players at a time.


Sometimes you can get into a game on impulse and in most cases you cannot withdraw without incurring great loses. With blackjack surrender, you get the option of quitting the game before it starts if you get bad draws. It gives you an opportunity to walk away or stay and draw a third card even if the first two aren’t helpful. This way you don’t have to bluff especially with bad cards.

Multiple players

This game presents a unique approach to the blackjack games. Instead of playing against the house, you get to play against other players. It allows a maximum of five people per game and you all bet against one another. If you’re one of the people who people that winning against the house is impossible then this is the game for you.

Double exposure

One of the reasons why winning against the house is always hard is that you can never tell the dealer’s cards. However, with this game, as the name suggests, this games gives you the pleasure of seeing the dealer’s first two cards as the game begins. This can give you an upper hand as you decide how you want to proceed so you don’t lose.

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